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Beating the Odds
24 Full Moons Over Midtown
Modest Bathing Suits

"When I departed for Spain two winters earlier, I was leaving behind the sexually liberated and 'progressive' city of Madison, WI. ... But even then, whispers of "Come on, you don't want to be a virgin when you go to college, do you?" meant little to me. Read more
Our rebels make James Dean look like a chipmunk. Read about Nigerian Anafghat Ayouba, may she rest in peace
A professor says: dump your long-term boyfriend, be more promiscuous, and your writing will improve.

Jessica Biel "exploited"; America Ferrara shines; Terrence Howard -- our first male role model; Scarlett Johansson is "not promiscuous"; Elisha Cuthbert keeps her clothes on.

All modest news, all the time. More
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