April 3, 2007


My daughter got a Bratz Rock Angels DVD for her 7th birthday party, and we don't allow Bratz dolls but I'm wondering if the DVD is OK for my older daughter (10) to watch.

Thank you,


Dear Curious,

Be curious no more. Here are some lines from these "Bratz Angel" girls:

--"There is a super scorching guy in my future...so perfect for yours truly!"

--"i can't commit to any one guy. When you're this gorgeous, why should you?"

--"We're hot!'

--"Hottie alert!"

Then, in the high point of the DVD, a skater dude falls on top of Chloe, who is wearing fishnet stockings. As the Bratz couple tumbles over one another in the grass, he asks her, "Do you believe in love at first sight?" The answer is "I'm not so sure," since Chloe is already jaded due to a previous romantic disappointment.

In short, please take the advice one wise man gave me, when I called him up as a reference for a prospective babysitter: "I would strongly recommend. . . that you put as much distance between you and her as possible."

The same can be said of all Bratz DVDs.


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