July 25th, 2005 | I've been carrying around this clipping from my friend's Cosmo for a few months now, it's from their ASK HIM ANYTHING column:

Q. I've been with this guy for two months, and we're really into each other. There's one problem, though: He keeps pressuring me to with him, but I'm not ready. I want to wait six months to make sure it's right. Unfortunately, my man thinks that's ridiculous and is getting annoyed, but I'm not about to change my rules. If he liked me enough, wouldn't he be patient?

A. Let me make sure I read that correctly. You want him to hold out for six months? You've heard of dog years, right? Well, there's also such a thing as guy years—and six months of waiting for sex feels like two years to him. See, a guy needs sex as part of a balanced man-diet. He needs it like he needs calcium, iron, and buffalo wings. If a man isn't getting his nutrients, he turns into a cranky, whiny baby. And do you really want that disaster on your hands? As long as you don't have any issue with premarital sex, I suggest you bump up that due date. After all, you say you're really into him, and it's already been two agonizing months—so what exactly are you waiting for? I mean, what are you going to learn about this dude in four months that you don't know by now?

Merav comments: Even if the girl doesn't have "an issue" with premarital sex, why does she have to sleep with him now if she's not comfortable with that? I feel like all this so-called "advice" is about just doing what the man wants and becoming their sex objects, even if it's not actually good for the woman.

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