From, July 24th, 2006, "Cuthbert Keeps Her Clothes On"

Sexy movie star Elisha Cuthbert has laughed off reports she's being courted to pose nude in Playboy, insisting she is too modest to bare all. The actress states she'll only strip on camera if it's absolutely necessary, admitting she currently calls for a body double whenever nudity is needed.

Cuthbert, who played a reluctant porn star in "The Girl Next Door", urges men's magazine editors to hold on to their cash -- because she'll never strip for them.

The Canadian says, "I wouldn't cancel out a nude scene but, right now, with my life and my career, I don't feel the need to do that. I don't feel it's necessary. I'vebeen doing fine finding roles that don't need to have full-frontal nudity inthem. There have been points where we've had to use body doubles, and, obviously, as I get older, the roles get more mature. I never shy away from saying, 'OK guys, we can do this; let's just use a double.' I feel I give a lot to the public and there's a few things in my life right now that I'd like to keep to myself - my breasts being one of them."

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