January 23, 2007: America Ferrara, the 22-year old star of Ugly Betty, was recently awarded Best Actress in Comedy. Her tearful acceptance speech was so touching and real that it caused quite a few in the audience to shed tears of their own. About the role she plays America said, "It is such a beautiful message about beauty that lies deeper than what we see." "It is such an honor to play [this] role," she continued. "I hear from young girls, on a daily basis, that it makes them feel worthy and lovable -- and that they have more to offer the world than they thought."

It was such a striking juxtaposition of false and true beauty. The women of Hollywood may have spent hours on hair and makeup (and no doubt America did too) but it was the virtue and humility of this little star that outshone them all. So maybe there was a little gold there after all.

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